Use a wall measuring chart to measure the height of people in your family. Compare the differences between heights.

Ask your child questions that prompt investigation. How could we measure the…? What shapes can you see? Which is closer: the sandpit or the swing? How tall can you build a tower before it falls?

Cut a piece of string for your child – any length will do. Use the string to measure the objects in your house to find out what is longer or shorter than your ‘string measuring tape’. Ask your child to identify anything that is the same length.

Make predictions by estimating and measure who can jump the furthest, or stand on one foot for a longer period, or how many buttons might fill a jar.

Incorporate mathematical thinking into physical activity. When playing ball games count each toss, bounce or kick as you pass to each other.

Encourage your child to draw, create and describe their own patterns. Include them for creating borders on greeting cards.