Feedback informs a student and/or teacher about the student’s performance relative to learning goals

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Key elements of Feedback
  • Precise, timely, specific, accurate and actionable
  • Questioning and assessment is feedback on teaching practice
  • Use student voice to enable student feedback about teaching

Effective educators use two-way feedback to gather information about a learner’s understanding, to assist learners to advance their own learning, and to verify the impact of their own practice.

What next?

Misconceptions in numeracy can impede access to deep understanding.

Timely feedback in the numeracy environment describes progress, points to further learning, and provides an opportunity to act on feedback.

Linked to the learning intention and the success criteria, feedback uses a common language that enables learners and educators to gather information about their actions and practice.

Capturing effective feedback over time provides a window into the learning process that is evidence based and rich in context.

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