Structuring lessons

A lesson structure maps teaching and learning that occurs in class

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Key elements of Structuring Lessons
  • Clear expectations
  • Sequencing and linking learning
  • Clear instructions
  • Clear transitions
  • Scaffolding
  • Questioning/feedback
  • Formative assessment
  • Exit cards

Effective educators plan and deliver structured lessons which incorporate a series of clear steps and transitions between them, and scaffold learning to build learners’ knowledge and skills.

What is expected?

Numeracy educators ensure learners are tuned in, have multiple entry points to facilitate engagement and are encouraged to explore ways in which to respond.

Learners understand what success will look like and the options available to them to be successful.

Planning ensures access to visual aids, manipulative materials, technology and games.

Routines are developed and protocols are used to support creativity, curiosity and confidence by providing the learner time to think, explain and reflect.

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